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A unique opportunity to work with top players in healthcare

We believe Israeli companies can play a critical role in the new era of patient care, taking on the biggest challenges in global health. We’re seeking companies with innovative digital health solutions in improving diagnosis and prediction, for the chance to develop strategic engagements and investment opportunities with our partners.

PlayBeyondBio is a partnership of AstraZeneca, JVP, Margalit Startup City Community, and Accenture, in collaboration with AWS and Shaare Zedek Hospital.


We focus on business collaboration, working with selected companies on validation and commercialization of digital health solutions.

Why focus on the business?

Successful commercialization in digital health markets is challenging. It requires unique business capabilities, mature strategy, and engagement agreements with the right partners. 

PlayBeyondBio partners have teamed up to provide their expert knowledge and global network to fast-track the commercialization of innovative digital health solutions.

What we’re looking for

Companies with innovative solutions to advance diagnosis or prediction for improved patient care are invited to apply

Therapeutic areas should focus on respiratory & immunology; cardiovascular, renal & metabolic; or oncology (lung, ovarian, pancreatic, breast, hematology, GI)

Companies should be registered in Israel or have an active local presence or history

Companies should be currently funded, with a strong team and business infrastructure in place

Companies should have a product on the market and be able to scale globally within 6 months

Companies should have a product on the market and be able to scale globally within 6 months

Diagnosis: diagnostic tools to improve early, accurate and personalized identification of diseases to drive timely and optimized treatment

Prediction: screening and prediction platforms to evaluate population risk and predict progression and exacerbation of diseases, as well as treatment effectiveness


What you get


Gain direct active access to industry leaders and partners’ networks, including global healthcare providers and payors


Receive consulting related to your value proposition, product/market fit, validation of clinical and business evidence


Validate your solution in preparation for global pilot and deployment


Prepare for your next stage of venture growth and solution deployment



Explore possibilities for a strategic collaboration for validation and global deployment


Identify potential investment opportunities for commercialization



Jun 1

Applications open

Jun 18

Applications close

Jun – Sep

Evaluation of

action plans

Oct – Jan 2022

 Collaboration and investment opportunities

Jan 2022

Global closing event